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My trip to Germany

The flight to Germany was uneventful- the way I like it. It was a 10.5 plus hour flight. I did not sleep – which is very unusual for me.

I changed my special meal from veg to gluten free. United did not offer gluten free veg, no cheese, no meat or chicken but I decided to try it.  When I got my first meal it was chicken and rice and lettuce salad with a slice of lemon. The nice young man next to me ate my chicken and also his when it came. I ate the lettuce with lemon with my fingers since the young man needed the folk.  Lucky I packed a large jar of honey roasted peanuts and a lemon Luna bar.

We arrive in Frankfurt and I was walking out of the airport with my personal and carry-on bags when I realized I did not pick up my checked in suitecase.  So for the next hour I was followering different directions on where to go and  how to find the right door and push the right button that would allow me to get to my suitecase.

Finally with my suitecases in hand my next step was to get to the train station to buy my tickets to Peine. As  I approached the escalator I put my largest on first. I got it half way on the tread. I could not get the carry-on on properly either – so as the escalator start to climb the weight tip the larger over which produced a domino effec. Not only did all my suitecase fall over so did I, taking with me two the young men behind me. I was screaming as the suite pile up on me. (that would have made a picture) The young men also were struggling.  The emergcy button was pushed which stop the escalator. I was assisted to my feet and the cases up-righted but the escalator wouldn’t start again – it had to be reset. The young carried my cases to the top – as I thanked the just put the cases down and kept walking,

I got my tickets which was uneventful and made to Peine where I was met by my friend Ralf. The end.


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