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My beloved Guru Geeta

My friends,
I have been so lazy to write. I had decided to write today and this morning I got the news of the death of my beloved Guru Geeta. I told my class this morning and I was filled with emotion. She was the reason I looked forward to going to Pune. We had special talks over the years and I will hold them in a special place in my heart and mind as long as God bless me to retain them. 

With the death of a person that is important it’s brings my mortality up. I look at my blessings.  Am bless to have a husband who loves and supports me and I he. A son who has grown into a wonderful man, a sister that I look forward to talking with and spending time with, sister & male friends who have my back, front and sides too. When I was dreaming-up how my life would be what God has give me is soooo different and better. I am so blessed.

Years ago I made a promise to Geeta that when I teach I will be representing her to the best of my ability. I promised that I would teach from the advice she personally gave me during our talks. Geeta is my Guru her death will not end that. When I told her that it was hard for her to accept … but she got so that when I called her “my guru” she stop showing her uncomfortableness. Her spirit is free from this physical plan. I do believe she was ready to leave. If there is a guardian angle I ask her to be mine.

I will be returning to the US in a few days. I look forward to teaching again. 

See you all in class soon.

Wishing you and your loved ones the best that life has to offer you for the new year and the years to come.

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