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2 Year Iyengar Yoga Study Group

The YogaShala Napa Valley & Iyengar Yoga Napa Valley

 Program Director and Lead Instructor:  Jaki Nett – Sr. Iyengar® Yoga Certified
Faculty:  Allan Nett – Int. Jr. III
Location: St. Helena, CA 94575


Iyengar Yoga Napa Valley is the only Iyengar Yoga Teachers Training Program north of the
San Francisco and extending to the borders of Oregon and Nevada, which is recognized by
the Iyengar Yoga National Association United States (IYNAUS).

First Year: 200 hours Certificate from The YogaShala Napa Valley
Second Year: 300 hours Certificate from Iyengar Yoga Napa Valley

First year: 200 hours certificate from The YogaShala Napa Valley. The completion of the 200 hours, will provide you with the skill to teach yoga asana classes in a safe and knowledgable way. The first year training is the foundation for the 2nd year training for those who wish to continue their study to become a certified Iyengar teacher.

Notice: Not until you have completed the Second Year course and have are Iyengar certified can you use the name of Iyengar® or imply that you are an Iyengar instructor, or teaching in the Iyengar tradition or Iyengar influenced in any form in your advertising.

Second Year: 300 hours certificate from Iyengar Yoga Napa Valley. The 300-hour teacher training is comprised of more in-depth training as an Iyengar teacher. After the completion of the 300 hour training you will have fulfilled the requirements laydown by IYNAUS that will allow you to start the process to become a Iyengar® certified teacher.


Yoga Study Group - $3000.00, if paid in full by Feb. 28, 2016 (Save $200)
Scheduled payments: Feb. $1500, June $850, Sept. $850

August Retreat - $ 700.00
August Retreat For Teachers Training students - $500.00
August Retreat Weekend only - $300

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