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Iyengar Yoga - An At Home Practice

Iyengar Yoga - An At Home Practice, is a practice Book & Audio CD of an archived yoga class originally taught by Geeta Iyengar.  With Geeta’s written permission, this class, from Dec. 2007, has been transcribed and translated into a photo book and an Audio CD. Geeta's teaching has been kept as close to her original wording and cadence as possible, so that the beauty of Geeta’s teaching could still be experienced. The photos in Iyengar Yoga - An At Home Practice, are of Jaki Nett and the audio recording is also by Jaki. 
The set comes with a photo book, an audio CD and an insert sheet with instruction on how to prepare your props and set up to make your practice time more efficient. 

Cost: $29.95

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There is also a German language version of the book, Iyengar Yoga, An At Home Practice.
The audio CD is in German and the instructions on how to use the book and the audio CD
together to optimize practice are both in German.

Click here to access the German language page


Iyengar Yoga An At Home Practice English version

Geeta Iyengar signed authorization



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