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Anatomy and Asana Intensive

Aug. 11th — Aug. 15th, 2014

Jaki and
Jaki and Bettina dancing with a slender fellow in Germany

As yoga teachers, when we observe students, we are looking at surface anatomy. To achieve a desired yoga asana, bones are moved into positions by muscle contractions, and the antagonistic muscles stretching. Because we are looking at surface anatomy, it is important as teachers and students, to have a general understanding of what is going on under the skin — how the human muscular/skeletal systems work.  
In the morning sessions, you will build your understanding of anatomy, starting with the skeleton, the different shapes of joints, and their directions and ranges movements. We will look at the importance of the connective tissue and how it supports and limits movement. Lastly, muscles will be studied and how they produce and restrict movement.   
In the afternoon sessions, knowledge gained through the study anatomy is applied in asana practice.
Honoring correct anatomical movements when practicing asana will facilitatea healthier muscular/skeletal system.
This 5-day anatomy and asana intensive will be held at our beautiful, fully equipped Iyengar Yoga Studio in St. Helena, California.

Taught by Jaki Nett

Our 5-day Anatomy & Yoga Asana Intensive offers:

•    4 hours pranayama
•  12 hours introduction to the human muscular skeleton system.
•  15 hours of applied understanding of anatomy to yoga asana.

The anatomy intensive is open to all who are interested in developing an understanding of the human muscular and skeletal systems and their application to yoga asanas and other body movement arts.

Cost: $700.00  (An anatomy notebook is included)


Annual Yoga Weekend Retreat

August 15th — August 17th, 2014

This Yoga retreat will be held at our beautiful, fully
equipped Iyengar Yoga Studio in St. Helena, California, in
a setting close to nature and bordering acres of vineyards.

Our Weekend Asana & Pranayama Retreat offers:

•    2 hours pranayama
•  10 hours yoga asana

Cost: $300.00

Jaki Nett

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